ORIGINAL ARTICLE: https://www.cultr.com/news/kice-pusher/ 

Kice gets right down to business with his August 2021 release, “Pusher.” G-house is front and center on the single, with the bouncy melody interacting with a club-fitting beat. The combination afoot here sends out vibes of confidence and energy. Kice builds in some well-crafted elements in the single, little details many will miss the first-listen through, but tidbits none the less that have grand effect as to why this single is a serious earworm. The Chicago-based solo artist follows up his release, “BAILAR,” from 2020 with this one. The track featuring Violin Girl, another prime example of Kice’s undeniable signature sound.

Kice’s career goes beyond the scope of a DJ/producer. He’s also the founder of Treblemonsters. The organization has a meaningful multi-faceted mission, offering services of artist management and music consulting agency for not just talent, but venues as well. He helped fight on behalf of artists during CO-VID where he encouraged employers to maintain their payment process to artists, a noble act worth the mention at the least.

“Pusher,” is far from Kice’s last release. A busy man no doubt, his sights are set on bringing more positive help and sounds to the world.