ORIGINAL ARTICLE: https://raverrafting.com/kice-pusher/2021/08/05/ 

Kice is bringing the fire in “Pusher,” a single that instantly changes the mood in a room when set off. Kice is about 3 tracks deep under this alias, each track has a certain feeling to it that broadly connects them together as one. This ‘signature sound,’ of his can easily be picked out of a line up which is no accident. His music contains distinct design and sample choice that brings to life the ‘Kice’ sound.

“Pusher,” blends many influences together under one structured experience, with G-house being a main component of the expedition put on display here. 128-BPM gets the heart rate up and energy going, cow bells adding a extra accent of excitement alongside the highly effected topline samples. At some point during the playout, the track is near-guaranteed to get the body in motion.

Kice isn’t just a electronic musician, but a music consultant and artist manager as well. The company name Treblemonsters sets out to improve the lives of those it touches through is stragetic services that aim to impact growth.

The man is a certified music-lover, having his hand in many facets of the music industry. His results and experience speak for itself, Kice himself on the incline for all the right reasons.

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