Los Angeles-based classical pianist and composer-turned-songwriter, vocalist, music producer, and DJ Lauren Mia celebrates her first release of the year in collaboration with German duo Stil & Bense. Glistening with articulately harmonized melodic techno elements, “Existence” brims with mystique and romanticism. Lauren Mia’s articulately executed, driving production prowess is complemented exquisitely by Stil & Bense’s quintessential, minimal bass lines. Structured to be a sensible, sensorily stimulating listening experience, both parties contribute dynamic melody and percussion that places the unique intersection between the two artist’s musical identities on display.


Since making his producer debut in 2020 with “How Do You Feel,” Kice has consistently pushed out dancefloor-primed, feel-good tunes designed to keep the party going. Performing at high-profile venues and festivals such as Burning Man, Northern Lights, PRYSM, Sound-bar, and more, he has solidified himself as one of the hottest DJs and producers out of Chicago. Following his mega 2021 release, “Pusher,” Kice delivers what he cites as the biggest track of his career, “Stuck With You”. Upping the ante, his first single of the year is a sensual piano-house cut that oozes flavor, euphoria, and intoxicating melodies. Further exemplifying Kice’s versatility as a producer, his latest is unlike anything the Chicago-based multi-talent has ever made. “Stuck With You” meshes Kice’s affinity for ambient vocals and a riveting techy buildup with an explosive piano riff. The tried and true combination of production elements results in a stunning slice of infectious house.


Fitting to the current times, Demur‘s latest EP serves as the perfect soundtrack to our borderline dystopian reality. His latest project packages his signature hard-hitting dark bass sound with a blend of blues/southern rock into a 5 track journey that feels like a soundtrack to a bar fight in a futuristic western saloon. Co-written with and vocals by Bradley Denniston, No Time To Die EP embodies the traits we have been primed for from previous releases, channeling political undertones with a gritty, raw production that provides a colorful angle to what makes modern bass so trendy today.


RIP Kenny is the soundtrack to your adventure. At the intersection of metal, punk, and dubstep, the Oregon-based producer returns with “Lost” – the haunting, sophomore single to his debut LP Escapism. Through this second single, RIP Kenny teases at the intense thematic quality of the album. Taking you through a rollercoaster of emotions, this record brings you into the thick of what is surely a memorable ride along with this LP. RIP Kenny is a storyteller and delivers it flawlessly through a modern bass music package. Combining this with a 1st person experience of his life in the mountains, the album’s story will be brought to life with a full-length visual journey upon its release. “Lost,” with its haunting melodies and twisted dubstep hooks turns heads and ears, continuing Escapism’s quest to touch on deep emotion.


New York-based singer, songwriter, and producer Mindchatter, aka Bryce Connolly, knows no creative bounds. The genre-bending electronic musician has been making waves with his indie-pop songwriting and danceable, meticulously crafted beats since releasing his debut single back in 2019. “Nothing On Me” embodies the totality of Mindchatter’s talents and vision, an intertwining matrix of detailed drum programming, solemn piano chord progressions, and Connolly’s hushed, lulling vocals. Wobbly synth textures give the song a faint dissonance and off-kilter atmosphere, placing the listener in a liminal gray space between dream and reality. Connolly sings to kick off the track, describing an interior world hanging in the balance. However, Connolly counterbalances this focus on indecision, fear of change, and negative habits with warm, gentle melodies, wrapping the song in an aura of optimism despite the song’s sonic and thematic turbulence.