Kice, a DJ and producer based out of Chicago, has been one of the fastest rising names coming out of the historic city. With his music supported by top tier DJs such as Don Diablo, Richie Hawtin, Kryder, and many more. More notably, he has distinguished himself by teaming up with top-tier instrumentalists in his famous DJ featuring live music sets. Recently, he dropped his new single “Let’s Move On” which is an emotional piano-driven house track. The song is a dancefloor weapon and Kice recently sat down with us to tell us about the track and the other ventures he is involved with.

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TSS: What can you tell us about your recent single “Let’s Move On?”

Kice: This one I feel has been the closest sound to my production yet. I really did not want to focus on having vocals and putting the track around those. I added the vocals around the instrumental. Overall, the goal is to have a song that you can listen to and enjoy, while also having the option to dance.

TSS: Chicago is one of the premiere cities for house music. How has the sound that the city is known for affected your production style?

Kice: Even though house music and many DJs producing it originated in Chicago, there are not many outlets that actually push for it on the scale it’s known for. However, the DJs in Chicago are extremely talented — some of the best I have ever heard. The style of DJing and integrating many genres pushed the envelope for me as a DJ, which is also translated into my production. I try to follow the rules of house music but also try to add elements that are considered not okay to do so. I believe that every track I produce out of this city is getting closer and closer to the bottom line of what I really want to produce and play.

TSS: Does your Jordanian heritage ever influence your production?

Kice: 100%. It opened my ear to other genres and sounds. When I produce, I try to add elements that might seem off for the Western ear, but in reality should still fit technically. I do try to add as many middle eastern percussive elements as possible in my productions as well. Some are more obvious than others.

TSS: You began working in the corporate world before moving into music full-time. What can you tell us about your drive to move forward with a full-time music career?

Kice: I’ve always had a passion for music since a young age. Even though I had it made with a six-figure salary, car, laptop, bills paid, international travel, the whole thing – I just did not feel passionate about that world and what I did. So in 2015, I started Treblemonsters as a side hustle while DJing. Then in 2016 after a couple successful clients, I decided that it was time to go full time. It took a lot of courage to go from a very secure job to my own deal. It was scary, and I felt very uncertain. But my faith and passion in music and what I wanted to do kept me pushing.

TSS: Can you give us some details about your artist management and music consulting agency Treblemonsters?

Kice: Currently we manage music programs for hotels, bars, clubs, and private events. In detail, a venue outsources their entertainment and live acts as commercial playlists, DJs, singers, bands, special acts, and AV for us to manage in full. We book some of our exclusive roster but also out of the roster to ensure we deliver what’s best for the client. We are known mostly for our DJ & Instrumental Artists (Sax, Violin, Drums, Electric Guitar, Trumpets, etc.) combinations. We average about 100-120 artists booked every weekend between the USA and Mexico.

TSS: What is it like balancing both an agency and creating your own music?

Kice: Recently it has been much work as we’ve begun expanding into different cities and verticals. Some days we are working 12 hours to ensure the client has everything they need. Many days it’s been hard to pull away from the office to work on music and shows, but we are making it happen day by day! I personally make sure that the business is in good shape while balancing music production and shows in parallel.

TSS: You are also part of a live electronic group Treble Squad. Can you tell us how you all came to be and what your goal is for the group?

Kice: In 2016 I started booking Violin Girl (Violin) and MGabriel (Sax) separately on gigs through Treblemonsters. Over the years and one gig at a time, we found a great chemistry between us all and decided that our energy & sound is all unmatched and mutual. That’s when we decided to dedicate our talents to each other under Treble Squad formally in 2018.

TSS: We are about halfway through the year, can you reflect on what has transpired so far and give us a hint of what is to come?

Kice: It has been a very interesting year in regards to realizing what’s important. I expect Treblemonsters to be operating in two more new states on a recurring basis by the end of year, while I focus on my music production and perfecting my new sound. By the end of this year I hope that I am added to bills to perform a set of all my originals, whereas now my sets are 50/50. Or at least I’ll be performing 80% my own sound and 20% of my favorite artists.

TSS: Anything else you would like to add?

Kice: You can see some of my shows that are coming up on my site! The goal is to push as much of my original sound as possible while playing out as much as possible. I also have a Middle Eastern deep house EP ready to go — I am fine-turning it and considering adding it under my current Kice project as a nice variance to the house I have released.

So there you have it! As you all can tell, Kice is an extremely multi-talented guy with lots of great things in store. Be sure to check out his new song and give him a follow on social to keep up with all he has in store.

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