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Kice, a DJ and producer based out of Chicago, has performed at some of the most popular festivals and nightclubs around the globe. More notably, he has distinguished himself by teaming up with top tier instrumentalists in his famous DJ featuring live music sets. 

Born in Chicago, Kice spent his early life in Amman, Jordan, and developed a passion for music throughout his childhood. He moved back to Chicago at the age of 15, where he earned a reputation for his beatboxing skills. It wasn’t long until he learned how to mix and realized he could translate his love for music onto the turntables. He developed a philosophy that drives his ongoing love of music today: That music expresses what cannot be said, and yet is the universal language of the world.

Kice emerged on the DJ scene in 2007, with his first major set at Bon V Nightclub Chicago and then holding an 8 year residency at Sound-Bar Nightclub. For more than a decade, he enjoyed immense popularity as he performed at high profile venues. Over the years, he developed a reputation for skillfully reading his audience, innovatively integrating all genres of music, attracting crowds, and most importantly, bringing energy to any venue.

Using the impeccable knowledge and skills he gained from the music industry, Kice went on to found Treblemonsters, a unique artist management and music consulting agency that services both top-tier global talent and venues across the USA. Clients include international names in the nightlife, hospitality, and corporate worlds.

As Treble Squad, he has also gained acclaim as an international touring act integrating his original music and Treblemonsters artists Violin Girl (Violin) & MGabriel (Saxophone), with sets at Burning Man, Northern Nights Music Festival, Spring Awakening Music Festival, Hard Rock, PRYSM Nightclub, and many other notable venues.

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