ORIGINAL ARTICLE: https://www.electricdust.net/kice-violin-girl-te-seduciran-con-su-nuevo-sencillo-bailar/ 

Inspired by a month-long season on Isla Mujeres in Mexico, “BAILAR” encompasses all the elements of a sensual anthem.

Chicago-based DJ, producer and entrepreneur Kice has built an impeccable reputation for combining his electrifying house sets with live instrumental performances.

Bringing his expertise behind the booth to the studio, Kice has teamed up with his longtime live collaborator Violin Girl to deliver “BAILAR,” an exceptional house piano cut with a bass sound driven by nostalgic vocals.

Combining the romanticism of Violin Girl’s instrumentals with a seductive Spanish chorus, Kice shines on their second single.

Look forward to our exclusive interview this weekend and learn more about this great Chicago DJ and producer.

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