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Kice shared the story of “Bailar”, his live project and what he has in store for us

Electric Dust: Hi Kice, I hope you are enjoying our beautiful country on the beach of Isla Mujeres.
Kice: Thanks for having me, I am!

Electric Dust: First of all, could you tell us how your first approach to music began?
Kice: When I was a kid, I always knew every song that came out on the radio. The lyrics, artist and title of each song. My father made me take piano lessons at an early stage. I collected the Tableh (Middle Eastern drum) organically from my Jordanian culture.

I grew up with the piano and when I was a teenager I listened to American radio stations in Chicago, I was inspired by radio DJs who mixed and made music. So alone, I went out to investigate what they did and how they did it. At that point I made the transition from classical to DJing, followed by a slow transition to nightlife.

Electric Dust: Who is your biggest musical inspiration and why?
Kice: Yanni. It was my mother’s favorite when she was alive. He is the current age and Beethoven is still alive. How he integrates multiple pianos into his live shows and productions is simply fascinating!

Electric Dust: How would you describe your musical style?
Kice: It feels good jazz, melodic house. I love integrating the piano whenever I can with live percussion. Introducing Mediterranean vibes.

Electric Dust: How did the Treblemonsters trio project, the tour with Violin Girl (Violin) and MGabriel (Saxophone) come about?
Kice: Treblemonsters started and continues to be a national artist recruiting agency. We are primarily known for our DJ + Instrumental Artist combinations. After a couple of years hiring everyone I could to fit in as the event curator for venues, I came across a lot of great musicians.

MGabriel and Violin Girl were among those musicians who had great talent in the field of electronics. However, her presence and performance on stage matches her talent which is very difficult to find these days. Organically, I grew up a lot in the house scene. After performing at some of our own events, the trio’s ideas for chemistry and performance continued to grow. The comments about us are positively overwhelming. So we decided to play together as much as possible and we made it official in 2018.

Electric Dust: Tell us about your Burning Man experience, what was it like to play in the world of Playa-Burning Man?
Kice: OH my gosh is my first reaction to this question. I LOVED IT, STILL DO IT, ALWAYS WILL. It was a real disconnection from the world. It was a beautiful world free of love, affection, without judgments, music, energy, mega art; There are no adequate words to explain it. Collectively we played 13 sets in 2019 in Playa. It was just magical and we can’t wait to go back.

Electric Dust: Your recent release “Bailar” just came out on November 6th, could you tell us more about the song? We like it, it’s so nostalgic baiilaaaar that we really miss the dance floor.
With the ping pong restrictions in Chicago affecting my career, I decided to take matters into my own hands and explore other countries, such as Mexico, to live a healthier life in the short term. In this release, I wanted to appreciate the Mexican culture that has welcomed me with open arms incorporating voices in Spanish, various Latin and world instruments, and lyrics that encourage dancing and enjoying life even in these difficult times. Also, my brand as an artist usually uses a lot of the live artists that I perform and produce with, so one of them, Violin Girl, appears on the track to show that.

Electric Dust: What comes next, new releases…?
I have 3 other singles currently in the works that will be released next year. A Latin billboard remix, a dirty tech house and another melodic jazz house. We are also planning a tour from mid-2021 around the world, including Europe, Mexico and the US As things are very uncertain, the only thing I have in store for sure is my new sound and production.

So, look out for Kice and the next releases he has in 2021!

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